Early Reviews in Vegas

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
By Jon Newberry

The Summer League version of the Hawks fought back from a 17-point deficit to tie the game twice in the final minutes before ultimately falling to the Memphis Grizzlies 89-85. The loss was encouraging, however, as the Grizzlies are fielding one of the more seasoned teams in the summer league, led by O.J. Mayo who has started all 164 games of his NBA career and averaged 17.5 points last season. (The Grizzlies had 244 career NBA starts among the players on their summer league roster compared to just 10 for the Hawks.)

Early on this game quickly reminded me what to expect from NBA Summer League. There are going to be a lot of turnovers, a lot of energy, and a lot of whistles. the quarters are only nine minutes long, but this game took a full two hours, even without media timeouts.

Many were hoping to get a glimpse at some new offensive schemes that are anticipated with Larry Drew taking over the coaching responsibilities, but keep in mind the fact that these guys have only had four practices (in three days) and this is Summer League. I will say that there were some solid possessions on offense that featured great ball movement, and a couple instances of effective two-man games. On the defensive end there seemed to be a lot of ball pressure, an area that new assistant coach Lester Conner is said to be focusing on.

Now let’s get down to what a lot of fans are interested in: Individual Reviews.

Jeff Teague- Teague played better than his box score indicates. He had a few great looks (especially early) where he teammates were unable to finish, otherwise he would have had closer to 7 or 8 assists. He shot well from the field and seemed confident and under control for a majority of the game, but he needs to cut back on careless turnovers.

Jordan Crawford- The kid can score. We knew that. Jordan also made some great passes and was active on defense, turning in a solid first game overall. He hit his first shot but then missed his next four during a spurt where he looked to be pressing. He settled down as the game wore on, and down the stretch he seemed to find his rhythm.

Alade Aminu- The surprise of the game, Aminu was the Hawks most efficient player. He ran the court exceptionally well, finished at the rim and was active on defense.

Pape Sy – He did some good things, but overall seemed to rush things on offense.

Sergiy Gladyr – Didn’t get a lot of minutes. Hit his first shot before committing a costly turnover late.

James Augustine- Likes to throw his big body around, reminiscent of Zaza.

Randolph Morris – Not a great start for Randy. A lot of fouls early and 0-for-4 from the field.

Richard Hendrix – Scored seven of his 11 points as the Hawks stormed back in the fourth quarter.

The Hawks now take today off before returning to action tomorrow night at 6:30pm ET to play San Antonio.

17 Responses to “Early Reviews in Vegas”

  1. Swingman912

    Impressed with Teague’s level haeded play. He hit a step back 3 that was sick! Also impressed with Crawford’s passing ability. I knew he could score. We ALL knew he could score, but he hit Hendrix with a pass under the basket late in the game that was beautiful. Not really sure i see a big worth making the roster, but Alade Aminu played hard…..he ran the floor and finished well. He should get a camp invite at least…….Trey Gilder is long, and can fly, but he didnt show me other than that……..see you wednesday team…….CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH

  2. Mel

    Im impressed with the hussle and Defense our young guys try to play with. I think Teague will serve us well cause we are a running team, we just stopped running as the season went on. I am loving this pressure DEFENSE, I like that ball movement, Teague looked like i though he would, just need to take care of the ball, maybe get to the line a little more. I mean he has too cause no one else on the team like to go to the free throw line. We already know JOE dont. But I am EXCITED about the Teague ERA.

  3. Mel

    If we could pickup Shaq, I think it would be great, we need more Beef. Also he brings knowledge, toughness, a voice, swagger, a buzz, some rings hell we need all that. He can come off the bench and let Horford slide to the 4 when ZaZa come in, and when then swap out, after a while and let them chase Jsmoove and Shaq around, so you never really loose anything defensively, and toughness wise when the bench come in with different lineups as far as our big men go. I do think we should pick up more defensive guys aswell if we cant get back Chills, plus i would start him over Williams at the small forward. He scored more and didnt even take jump shots to often, and played D and ran the floor harder and dunked on folks.

  4. Hawksfanman

    Eric Dampier is likely to get waived sohed ba good pick-up, along with shaq, wed be pretty hard to beat, and Zach I really like the Idea of CP3 coming here but hes idk if Marvin Williams is worth losing shure Chris is alot better but wHO GUARDING lbj OR kd WHEN WE play them Joe’s Much to slow unfortunately…. I think we sign Damp and Shaq and then Maybe Aminu at the back-up 4 (Hes a PF not a Sf like aminu) and try to trade bibby and maybe Mo Evans for MO williams, hes not a GREAT pg, but hell definately score in ways that teauge cant and he will help him Develop, like Hinrich did rose (Om not saying he’ll better than rose tho!) after that I think were solid we still need a good perimeter Dfender tho like Matt Barnes………….


  5. Hawksfanman

    Wow I just looked at ESPN and yahoosports, man teams are gearing up, its like an arms race, Chris Paul wouldnt be a bad acquisition, iif we can get him without losing marvin Im for it.
    Go Hawks.

  6. buddy

    Zach, the Hawks will never beat the Lakers even with Jackson gone. To make the three trades you mentioned is worse than the Hawks throwing the baby out with the bath water (firing Mike Woodson). Woodson BUILT the Hawks literally from the ground up. Now that they are a Championship Team Calibur, is not the time to toss ‘the repairer of the breach’ (Woodson). The Braves didn’t do it Bobby and when the Lakers didn’t win, neither did they do to Phil.

    Those boys upstairs need to realize the history of the Hawks management and do differently. It is insane to keep doing the same thing and expect different result. Further, if it was purely a money decison to retain Johnson, then the deal should have been for Woodson to take a pay cut, along with terms at least the length of Johnson’s contract; thereby, leaving his Calibur rolster in place.

    If you want to be like the Lakers, then manage like the Lakers. Build lasting relationships that cause your staff to start with you and to retire with you.

  7. Hawksfanman

    Your standings are great Zach, but I think if we make changes we can be #3 seed, DOubt bobcats make the playoffs tho without Chandler, or felton there loooking bad….. anyway we need a PG man, iswear if we got CP3 id pissmyself but thats not likely because the only player they would give him up for is smoov or al and we need the Shot Blocking from smoov, Iwould luv to have Curry tho, never mind im getting ahead of myself. I like the Idea of a GS trade but Ellis is a little Iffy(and he reminds me of teauge anyway)- interms of injuries, and, Mo williams wouldstill be a good pickup, all I know is hawks really need to do something or we might drop from 3rd in con ference to abt. 4th or 5th,

    What we can be sure of is that we need big men, (so get dampier and/or Shaq, {ha if we did this wed never have a DHoward or Bynum Problem again}) we need a perimeter defender because elite scorers always kill us:(Best bet is Matt Barnes(better shooter) or Ronnie Brewer(not good shooter but probably cheaper and a safer bet than barnes)), and next thing we need is a mentor for Teauge, If it turns out to be Chris paul then thats perfect because hes elite, and hell make teauge alot better and they both went to Wake Forest sooooo… I think our best bet is to sign Al to an extension(I love you Al well miss you) so his salry goes up a little then package he and bibby, and trade for chris. It would hurt a little because Al a huge part of the team but hey you have to lose something before you win. Oh and Jordan Crawford would probably have to go D-Leauge.


    or we stick with the other lineup


    or we keep out current one and never get anywhere:


  8. Hawksfanman

    either way the only neccesities are another Bigman and a perimeter defender good luck hawks…..

  9. Hawksfanman

    Just read that were in play fir Brad Miller also……

  10. Yetta

    What is Josh Smith doing this summer? He is mighty quite.

  11. One hundred

    Teague was solid,so was Crawford and Aminu.I was impressed by Augustine he played Thabeet better than Morris,grapped rebounds and runs the floor well.I need to see more of Gilder he’s very atheletic.Morris was a disappointment his footwork and positioning is terrible.Wish we could of picked up Joel Prybilla but a good 6’11 or bigger is still needed.Overall not bad for first game.Need more spacing on offense.

  12. ♥Mz. Hawkdafied♥

    Thanks for putting together a summer league squad Hawks organization, it really helps fans (well probably just me) not really into free agency talk, trade talk, caps room talk, mle talk,or any other (yawn) off season chatter. My only complaint (which may or may not be trivial) not being able to watch live on television.

    Anyhow, seeing the squad bring their individual talents together to stage a comeback in the second half was the highlight of the first game for me. And against an OJ Mayo led squad who I was quite surprised to see even participating was even more impressive.

    The Gilder slam was hot. Teague, Crawford, Aminu were the individuals who most stood out. Pape Sy came alive in the second half. Noticed you didn’t mention Luke Jackson or Trey Gilder. No review for Luke nor Trey. What did you think of those guys?

    Look forward to the action later today. Go Hawks summer league squad!

  13. Hawksfanman

    The Hawks are considering sign and trade Shaq for Marvin? NO. Unless we can ship off bibby too and get MO Williams I dont like it at all,

  14. Hawksfanman

    I saw this suggestedon the AJC

    Horford/ Jamal/ Bibby


    CP3/ Okafor

    yeah Chris Paul will be an FA next season, and could go to the knicks. but it could really turn out good, then sign brewer and Damp or shaq, and Aminu


    Not to Shabby

  15. Hawksfanman

    The thing with yours is Brewer isnt better FOR THIS TEAM than marvin, I used to hate him but hes valuable because he can play the 4 without any problem and is a pretty good shooter, (way better than brewer, check the stats) Brewer only pros are athleticism and perimeter deffnse I like him and I think he could be good off the bench for marvin but to replace him it wouldnt work, visualize us playing the heat, now Chris Bosh is alot better on his feet than smoov so in the open floor bosh can go to work on smoov all day but what marvvin does is he alows us to be flexible, we can pull out smoov and move Marvin to the 4 hes still not going to completely shutdown bosh but he can do a much bettter jobguarding him, Marvin can play four because hes just over 6’7 without shoes on, and brewer is just under 6’7 with shoes. Youre line ups could be better than mine depending on how Alade Aminu could do with bosh. Its good tho,

  16. Hawksfanman

    all i know is having Chris Paul and shaq would make us way better, Chris Paul: Helps Teauge, Leads the team(cuz Joe naturally just isnt that good at it), fills seats and makes us an all-around better team w/his scoring, and defense, Shaq eliminates our Dwight Howard problem, and sells tickets, and hes funny so he keeps the team loose, and probably makes the teams pre-game danceing more intersesting!. and okafor is just solid, getting okafor and paul is possible, a longshot but possible, if it doesnt happen then I think Zach’s ispossible but add Marvin

  17. atownhawk aka i love jj and jordan