Hawks Announce 2009 Training Camp Roster

Friday, September 25, 2009
By Micah Hart

It’s almost here – with Media Day set for Monday, official activities for the 2009-10 season are so close I can almost smell it. It’s getting real.

Speaking of getting real, it’s about to get real for several players trying to earn their way onto an NBA roster, as today the Hawks announced their list of training camp invitees.

I daresay this is the most robust group I’ve seen since I’ve been here, as several of the guys invited to camp have spent time on NBA rosters in the past (including Othello Hunter and Mario West, both members of last year’s Hawks squad). Local prospect Garrett Siler from Augusta State will be there after impressing the Hawks in workouts over the summer, and Courtney Sims has been getting some hype from his performance on the Hawks practice court over the summer as well.

There will definitely be some heated competition for the last few roster spots, no doubt about it.

The Hawks hit the floor Tuesday for the first day of workouts, and it can’t get here soon enough!

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11 Responses to “Hawks Announce 2009 Training Camp Roster”

  1. Hawksgirl

    Cant wait cant wait. This will be fun to hear about and at the same time challenging because we could be getting new additions.

  2. Mz. Hawkdafied/Number One Lady Fan/Hawkette

    So many players to choose from, very few positions available. It’s gonna be tough. Best wishes to all trying to make it onto the roster. Hope this training camp turns out to be the best training camp ever for the Hawks.

  3. mario (harry the hawk) scandrett

    Hey I am ready for this year..hopefully our team has grown mentally as well as physiacally …I think the city should be proud of the Hawks, as well as the Falcons, Braves and Dream.
    This should be great year..I think the additions of Smith and Collins are great for the Hawks down low..I think name wise they may lack muster but with what the hawks need, strong post play offensively and defensively, a presense on the boards and most importantly veterans with playoff experience, they are valuable additions to this team.

  4. Sgt Whitaker, USMC

    I think the Hawks are ready to make a noise as long as everyone stays healty. Every year they get better from 13 wins to 26, 30, 37, and 47 with key players on and off the injured list. They could have beaten Miami in 5 games without all the injuries and would have taken Cleveland to 7 games if Josh, Marv, or Al Horford would have been healthy. Just like before when we lost the other Josh we still got better, this year we let Flip go who was one my favorite Hawks and we are still going to be even better. J-Smoove, Horford and Marv will be better, Bibby and JJ will be there to guide them and Zaza off the bench as sixth man along with new editions of Crawford to make up for Flip and though we lost Solomon Jones who I also liked we have some veteran post defenders in Joe Smith and Jason Collins and we did good in drafting Jeff Teague who I think will be a solid player behind Bibby. The roster for training camp looks good and hopefully we pick up Juan Dixon and Courtney Sims they will be pretty solid off the bench for us.

  5. Sgt Whitaker, USMC

    Oh yeah, and that will make 14 players…..I think letting Mario West come back for the 15th spot wouldn’t hurt either.

  6. Anonymous Hero

    Man, I am loving all the positive responses thus far regarding our very own Hawks! Hawksgirl, Sgt. Whitaker, I agree with you both that this will be exciting and challenging times for the Hawks. The Hawks have added size, speed, defense, and more scoring to their lineup. Hopefully the pieces they add will gel the team together to make a solid run against the top 3 in the east.

    It will be a tough year for the Hawks, as many teams in the East have upgraded their rosters and are trying to make a run at the Hawks. With the Hawks nucleus staying in tact, I will definitely give the Hawks 50 wins this year and will make a run at Orlando for the division title! GO HAWKS BABY!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Shining Light

    Mz. Hawdafied,wow you have so many names. and you’re right it’s gonna be a tough training camp. it’s gonna be interesting to see who they add to the roster.

  8. Anonymous

    hawks are looking good so far

  9. Anonymous

    wuts this bout joe johnson not signing his contract extension and want to be a free agent

  10. Hawksgirl

    Yea its true, he didnt sign the contract the hawks offered to him but im not worried. I believe he is just sorta challenging himself. I have faith he will sign next year. I cant see him leaving us especially if we make it this year. But i believe he is just seeing where his head is and if he can be an elite player.(which i believe he already is, now he just has to unleash it since we have the pieces to the puzzle). How do you guys feel about jj not signing the extension?

  11. Anonymous Hero/Hawks Guy

    I don’t have a problem w/ it personally. Like you said Hawksgirl, he’s challenging himself and considering the free agent market for 2010, he will compare himself w/ other stars in that class to see if he will be able to get as much money as he can out of his worth. I feel confident that he will stay a Hawk for atleast the next 3-5 years considering the nucleus the Hawks are keeping in tact.